Meet the New Hot Analytics Stack – Apache Kafka, Spark and Druid


Come learn why thousands of companies use Apache Druid and Imply (powered by Apache Druid) for hot analytics alongside their data warehouses.

Learn from the experts at Imply, the creators of Apache Druid, as they show you how to:
- Graphically load streaming data from Kafka and Spark, and create dimensions and metrics
- Combine streaming and historical data from your data lake or data warehouse
- Get alerts, build and explore real-time dashboards, and see AI-powered explanations
- Perform drag-and-drop visual data exploration with sub-second response times


Danny has an academic background in computational statistics. He believes that good data science requires good data engineering in order to create clean, accurate, and accessible data for data scientists. In the past, he’s given presentations on distributed deep learning, productionizing machine-learning models, and the importance of big data for machine learning in the modern world.