PREDICTING COVID-19 Applying AI for Diagnosis Tool


Learn about the development of a DIAGNOSIS TOOL, designed to help healthcare professionals in the fight against the COVID-19. We’ll cover everything from sourcing and cleaning the input dataset to the special techniques taken to combine a wide range of data types for VISUAL AI modeling. The modeling’s results are exported and loaded into Tableau and are used to build, along with recommendations from an (also implemented) Fuzzy-Ranking Content-Based Recommendation Engine, full-interactive dashboards that would provide actionable insight to support decision-making, gain quick knowledge in new cases, deeper understanding of anomalous cases, as well as support for resources management, and more.


Angel Aponte has focused on extracting key insights and generating prescriptive analytics for over 25 years. After extensive Researching in Academia and Geomodeling in Oil and Gas industry careers, Angel shifted his attention to Advanced Visualization, Cloud Technology/Computing, Quantum and Statistical Mechanics, ML+AI, Augmented Reality, and other cutting-edge technologies. But all the while his passion and goal remains to get the most value out of data using Analytics and Advanced Visualization techniques in order to address real-life issues that can have the biggest impact.