Programming with Data: Python and Pandas
Programming with Data: Python and Pandas


Whether in R, MATLAB, Stata, or Python, modern data analysis, for many researchers, requires some kind of programming. The preponderance of tools and specialized languages for data analysis suggests that general purpose programming languages like C and Java do not readily address the needs of data scientists; something more is needed.

In this training, you will learn how to accelerate your data analyses using the Python language and Pandas, a library specifically designed for interactive data analysis. Pandas is a massive library, so we will focus on its core functionality, specifically, loading, filtering, grouping, and transforming data. Having completed this workshop, you will understand the fundamentals of Pandas, be aware of common pitfalls, and be ready to perform your own analyses.

● Python;
● Pandas;
● Jupyter;


Daniel Gerlanc has worked as a data scientist for more than decade and been writing sofware for nearly 20 years. He frequently teaches live trainings on and is the author of the video course Programming with Data: Python and Pandas. He has coauthored several open source R packages, published in peer-reviewed journals, and is a graduate of Williams College.