Prompt Engineering with Llama 3


This session aims to provide hands-on, engaging content that gives developers a basic understanding of Llama 3 models, how to access and use them, understand the architecture and build an AI chatbot using LangChain and Tools. The audience will also learn core concepts around Prompt Engineering and Fine-Tuning and programmatically implement them using Responsible AI principles. Lastly, we will conclude the talk by explaining how they can leverage this powerful tech, different use cases and what the future looks like.

Session Outline:

Section 1: Understanding Llama 3
Familiarize yourself with Llama 3 models and architecture, how to download, install and access them, and the basic use cases it can accomplish. Additionally, we will review basic completion, system prompts and responses in different formats.

Section 2: Prompt Engineering and Chatbot
We will walk through the concepts of Prompt Engineering and chatbot architecture, including implementing single-turn and multi-turn chat requests, hallucinations and how to prevent them, augmenting external data using Retrieval Augment Generation (RAG) principles and implementing all of this using LangChain. We will also review advanced concepts around Fine-Tuning.

Section 3: Responsible AI and Future
We will discuss the basic Responsible AI considerations as you build your Generative AI strategy and applications, safety measures to address context-specific risks, best practices for mitigating potential risks and more. We will also discuss what the future holds in the Generative AI space and give you a glimpse of what to expect from Llama offerings.

Background Knowledge:

Basic knowledge of Python and LLM


Amit Sangani is the Director of Partner Engineering leading the Applied AI Platforms team at Meta. Amit has been with Meta for 9+ years and manages developer-facing engineering teams working on Gen AI platforms such as Llama 2 and PyTorch. Amit’s mission is to democratize AI and increase the adoption of these platforms by making it easier for developers to integrate them into their products and spur innovation and increased productivity.

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