Remote HPCC Systems/ECL Training


Learn why the truly open source HPCC Systems platform is Better at Big Data and learn how ECL can empower you to build powerful data queries with ease. HPCC Systems is a comprehensive, dedicated data lake platform makes combining different types of data easier and faster than competing platforms — even data stored in massive, mixed schema data lakes — and it scales very quickly as your data needs grow.

Data Visualization, NLP, and ML made easy with HPCC Systems ECL, is for ODSC West Attendees who want to explore and learn the Open Source HPCC Systems platform and ECL language in three different phases. The Workshop will take students through the basics of the HPCC Systems Enterprise Control Language, and demonstrate Data Patterns and Visualization, Natural Language Parsing, and an introduction to ECL Machine Learning using a Learning Trees Regression Model. Code examples and lesson materials will be included.

Session Outline
Phase 1 – Introduction to HPCC Systems/ECL and Data Visualization
The first hour unleashes the power of ECL with Data Ingestion, Hygiene, Profiling, and Visualization.

Phase 2 – ECL and Natural Language Processing
Exploring the ECL support for NLP, including Parsing PATTERNs, the versatile PARSE function, and NLP Record Functions.

Phase 3 – ECL and Machine Learning
An introduction to Machine Learning and how it is used with ECL, using the powerful and easy-to-use HPCC ML Bundles. We will explore the ease of setup and demonstrate a simple Learning Trees example.


Hugo supports the development and delivery of training programs for the HPCC Systems platform in the Brazil region since 2019. Hugo has worked for over 15 years on various technical roles in the IT industry with a focus on High Performance Computing. He is also a part time researcher on Information Systems and a member of the UK Academy for Information Systems.