Using Machine Learning to Delineate Patterns in Patient Journeys


Slowing the progression to psoriatic arthritis among patients with psoriasis is crucial to prevent irreversible joint damages. Besides several risk factors, little is known about the complex patterns of psoriasis progression. We will present how we used longitudinal electronic health records and machine learning to uncover hidden patterns in psoriasis patient journey.


Nishitha Kambhaladinne is a data science analyst in Janssen, a pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson. She is part of the Commercial Data Sciences and Data Management Team. Nishitha joined Janssen through the Technology Leadership Development Program where she completed her rotations in data science. In her role, she works on a diversified portfolio of projects including real-world data analytics, machine learning to drive patient adherence, and NLP pipelines. Nishitha holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Information Technology from Rutgers University. Prior to joining Janssen, she founded a B2C startup for small to medium scale businesses, which was sold in 2017.