Utilizing Advanced Monitoring Capabilities to Promote Product-oriented Data Science


Fiverr, the talent cloud solution for businesses of all sizes, utilizes advanced AI techniques to provide value in a myriad of business use-cases, both in their core product and in its periphery. From recommendation engines, via spam and fraud detection, and all the way to marketing enablement, Fiverr’s data-science team operates on all fronts to provide intelligent solutions to important business problems.

In order to make sure their investment in AI bears fruit, Fiverr’s core data science team has long realized that they cannot stay focused only on research and must adopt a product-oriented approach to their work. They cultivated a culture in which data scientists take full ownership of the model’s performance, which means not only its performance in the test set, A/B test, or the offline environment but in its behavior and performance when running in the production environment.

A primary tool used by Fiverr for this purpose is Mona, a proactive observability platform, which allows them to collect data regarding model behavior and business outcomes, and to proactively get alerted when their AI systems underperform or misbehave before business KPIs are affected.

In this talk, Gal (Senior Data Scientist, Fiverr) and Itai (CPO, Mona) discuss how Fiverr utilizes advanced tools, both home-grown and bought, to bridge the gap between data science and business, empower data scientists to understand the behavior of their models in production and make sure their AI solutions bring the value they’re expected to deliver.

To do this, Gal and Itai will discuss concepts and principles in product-oriented data science and then ground these concepts with real-world examples from Fiverr’s experience.

Some of the topics discussed are:
- The creation of a machine learning platform that abstracts productionization from the data scientists, allowing fast development cycles, as well as a shared format of training, inference, and monitoring pipelines
- Utilizing advanced monitoring and analytics to make sure the models perform as expected in the context of the business function they serve.
- How understanding your model in production helps the data science team do better research
- How taking ownership of the model in production improves the chances of a successful data science project


Gal Naamani has been working as a data scientist for 4 years, with the past 3 years being at Fiverr. As the Senior Data Scientist, Gal works closely with developers, analysts, product managers, and business owners on growth opportunities and new ideas, from research to production. Gal currently has leading roles in projects that are focused around search engine ranking, promoted ads, online bidding optimization, exploration-exploitation problems, monitoring, and more.

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