VerticaPy: Demystifying Machine Learning Complexity with Python at Scale
VerticaPy: Demystifying Machine Learning Complexity with Python at Scale


Introducing VerticaPy – a disruptive approach for data scientists with in-database Machine Learning
VerticaPy is a Python library that exposes sci-kit like functionality to conduct data science projects on data stored in Vertica – taking advantage of the platform fast queries, built-in analytics and machine learning capabilities. It supports the entire data science life cycle, uses a ‘pipeline’ mechanism to sequence data transformation operations (called Virtual DataFrame), and offers multiple graphical rendering capabilities. VerticaPy combines Vertica’s scalability with Python’s flexibility providing the community with what they need: Bringing the logic to the data and not the other way around.

Background Knowledge
SQL & Python


Badr Ouali works as a Data Scientist for Vertica worldwide. He can embrace data projects end to end through a clear understanding of the “big picture” as well as attention to details, resulting in achieving great business outcomes – a distinctive differentiator in his role. Prior to Vertica, Badr received both an undergraduate and a Master degree in Computer Science/Mathematics from the National School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics in Grenoble, France. Badr enjoys sharing knowledge and insights related to data analytics with colleagues & peers and has a sweet spot for Python. He loves helping customers finding the best value from their data and empower them to solve their use-cases.