The Adoption of AI in Business: Opportunities and Challenges:

Abstract: The Adoption of AI in Business: Opportunities and Challenges: While corporate expectations for artificial intelligence are sky-high across industry and geography, few organizations have mastered integrating the technology into their business processes and offerings — and many who want to don’t fully understand the work that lies ahead. MIT Sloan Management Review’s recent research on artificial intelligence and business strategy offers a "state of the state" of AI adoption inside corporations.
This session will provide an overview of organizational readiness for and adoption of AI across sectors.

Bio: Sam Ransbotham is an associate professor of information systems at Boston College and the editor for two initiatives at MIT Sloan Management Review (one on Data and Analytics, the other on Artificial Intelligence).  In 2014, he was awarded an NSF CAREER Award for his analytics-based research in information security.  Prior to his joining the faculty at Boston College, Ransbotham founded a software company with a globally diverse client base.  Sam earned a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering, an MBA, and a PhD all from the Georgia Institute of Technology.