How AI-Powered Natural Language Processing of Social Data is Fueling a New Generation of Predictive Analysis

Abstract: AI-powered NLP is rapidly becoming a game changer for social and voice-of-customer insights analysis. Radically improved precision/recall as well as machine learning powered custom classifiers are not only efficiently separating signals from the vast social noise, it is also proving to be highly predictive in many key areas, including Brand Health, marketing mixed modeling and more. This session will explore how AI is rapidly replacing rules-based systems, key value, best practice approaches and provide tangible examples of how this AI powered natural language processing is being applied at leading brands.

Bio: Mark Garratt has been the director of analytics and forecasting at Miller Brewing Co. and at Gillette. He co-founded in4mation insights in 2007 and has built a team of advanced modelers and big data crunchers to take on some of the most challenging problems in marketing analytics. He is published in JMR and Marketing Science. He is co-chair of the 2014 and 2015 AMA Advanced Research Techniques Forum.