Algorithmic Transparency and Health Care –Where do we go from here?

Abstract: Establishing an active, collaborative community of all those involved in the ecosystem of health and health care (experts, practitioners, patients, entrepreneurs, hospital administrators, caregivers) is crucial in order to realize the potential of newer technologies and availability of data in a way that is transparent, fair and accountable. We put forth here ideas and strategies that we hope are part of the groundwork to engage these stakeholders.

Bio: Dr. Padron is a trained health economist with a focus on research design and data analysis. 

Her academic background is in Health Policy and Management (PhD, Yale '14), Public health (MPH, Pompeu Fabra '09) and Economics (Duke, '08). For the last decade, her research agenda has focused on to identifying methodological strategies in which the use of large (open) datasets can be used to improve the design, implementation and evaluation of population health strategies for health systems.

Her goal is to bring together methodologies generally used in economics, data science, public health research and systems design to reduce health disparities and improve the effectiveness of health delivery models.