Artificial Intelligence : The success for Machines

Abstract: Artificial Intelligence is the solution for more successful Business. Do you Agree? During this Talk, I will present concrete examples from different business domains. Then, I will discuss the Human implication in such projects.

Bio: Dr. Lobna Karoui received the Master Degree on “intelligent systems” from the University Paris Dauphine in 2004. Then, she started her PhD research in the University Paris-Sud Orsay and in the Electrical Higher School in Paris, France. Her research interests include the Artificial Intelligence domain, Machine Learning, cognitive science and semantic web. She obtained her PhD in 2008 and presented her research in AI conferences around the World China, India, United States, Australia, London, etc. Based on the Information technology background, her Artificial Intelligence Research and her leadership, she works on applied research to help companies on developing Artificial Intelligence projects for their business and customers : semantic/ sentimental analysis, knowledge discovery, disruptive services, intelligent agents, cybersecurity. As international Speaker, she is invited in Business Events to talk about AI, Leadership and Business.