Building and Managing World Class Data Science Teams (Easier said than done)

Abstract: Despite the promise and opportunities of data science, many organizations are failing to see a return on their investment. The key issue holding organizations back is a lack of good data science management. This manifests in failure to effectively build and manage teams. In this workshop, we will go through a methodological approach for helping managers identify the needs of their organization and build the appropriate team. We will learn how to:
1 - put in place the appropriate foundational elements
2 - select and recruit the right team
3 - develop and manage that team to success
4 - create pipelines of good data science managers and technical rock stars

Bio: Conor Jensen is an experienced Data Science executive who has spent over a decade working in the analytics space across multiple industries, as both a consumer and developer of analytics solutions. He is the founder of Renegade Science, a Data Science strategy and coaching consultancy and additionally works as a Customer Success Manager at Domino Data Lab, helping customers make the most of their Data Science platform and guiding them through building teams and processes to be successful. Previously he has successfully built out analytics functions at multiple insurance companies. This includes building out data and analytics platforms, Business Intelligence capabilities, and Data Science serving both internal and external customers.
Before moving to insurance, Conor was a Weather Forecaster in the US Air Force supporting operations in Southwest Asia. After leaving the military, Conor spent a number of years in store management at Starbucks Coffee while serving as an Emergency Management Technician in the Illinois Air National Guard.
Conor earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Illinois at Chicago.