Collaborative Data science and How to Build a Data science Toolchain Around Notebook Technologies

Abstract: There're many different tools and people involved in Data science lifecycle. From engineers who manage the data with large-scale data processing platform, data scientists who create models and analyze using various frameworks like Tensorflow, as well as business people who need to make decisions based on data and reports.

Making different people to use different tools to collaborate together is a challenging problem. Moonsoo Lee will share insights received from users of the open source project Apache Zeppelin, where its users currently suffer from this problem and have come up with multiple different solutions.

Moonsoo Lee will explain how the data science notebook helps with this problem, and share best practices of building data science toolchains around the notebook technology.

Bio: Moonsoo Lee is a creator for Apache Zeppelin and a Co-Founder, CTO at ZEPL. For past few years he has been working on bootstrapping Zeppelin project and its community. His recent focus is growing Zeppelin community and build healthy business around it.