Creating a Data-Driven Product Culture

The talk will contain three sections:
1. Explaining the difference between Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Product Managers and how these three roles work together to create a data-driven product culture.
2. Exploring a data-driven product cycle:
- Use data to define problems (Data Analyst)
- Choose a set of problems to solve (Product Manager)
- Use data to identify the impact of possible solutions (Data Analyst)
- Choose a set of solutions to build (Product Manager)
- Use data to track success (Data Analyst)
3. Discuss best practices for the most common tasks for Data Analysts, including:
- Collecting Data Sources
- Designing Surveys
- Creating Dashboards

Finally, Hillary will share some secrets to success as a Data Analysts.

Bio: Hillary Green-Lerman is a Senior Data Science Manager and Curriculum Designer at Codecademy. She splits her time between manager Codecademy's growing analytics team and designing innovative data analytics curriculum. Previously, she created the Product Intelligence team at Knewton, which grew and supported a more data-driven product culture. Before that, she was a Scientific Associate at D.E. Shaw Research, where she used large-scale molecular dynamics simulations to study the binding of allosteric modulators to G-protein coupled receptors. She has been published in Nature, Proceedings of the Biophysical Society, and Lilith Magazine, and has spoken at PyGotham, Women in Machine Learning, and ABI.local.