Abstract: Data is no longer just the input that informs and measures a consumer’s brand experience; it is increasingly the product, the content, and even the campaign with its own creative identity.

AI and machine learning is transforming vast reams of raw data into a whole new breed of brand engagements and disrupting the way brands are connecting with their consumers. Data now has a face, voice, a look and a language that speaks to consumers in a precise way. For creators, that means the old rules of creativity no longer apply. What does the creative process look like in this new landscape? As brand guardians, how can we win consumers hearts with these innovations? What are the challenges and pitfalls of operationalizing these initiatives? The discussion will be based on real world successes and challenges.

Bio: Cat and her team combine audience insights, strategy and analytics to
deliver brand strategies and experience that drive new business growth and foster stronger, longer-lasting relationships with customers. More than market research and strategy, the team’s mission is to foster a customer-first approach to strategy development and problem-solving across the enterprise.

Her team’s efforts have resulted in successful launch of the first
Young Homeowner campaign, “Parentamorphosis”, creation of the STAY creative platform designed to catch the customer brand up with the consumer brand launch of the Voice of Customer insight platform, maturation of Marketing analytics, and deeper collaboration between Marketing and Innovation Services to deliver Marketable Innovations.