The goal of this course is to offer data science and fintech enthusiasts a hand-on practical case study to understand the power of Data Science in Finance. We will be using the Lending club data set to build a credit risk model using machine learning techniques. Python experience is not required to attend the course but useful. We will illustrate how to build applications using Python packages such as scikit-learn, Keras etc. Techniques such as K-means, t-sne, Regression, Random Forest and Neural Networks would be covered.

Sri Krishnamurthy, CFA, CAP is the founder of QuantUniversity.com, a data and Quantitative Analysis Company and the creator of the Analytics Certificate program and Fintech Certificate program. Sri has more than 15 years of experience in analytics, quantitative analysis, statistical modeling and designing large-scale applications. Prior to starting QuantUniversity, Sri has worked at Citigroup, Endeca, MathWorks and with more than 25 customers in the financial services and energy industries. He has trained more than 1000 students in quantitative methods, analytics and big data in the industry and at Babson College, Northeastern University and Hult International Business School. Sri is leading development efforts in creating a platform called QuSandbox for adopting open source and analytics solutions within regulated industries.