Data visualization in the web setting with a focus on D3

Abstract: The D3 JavaScript library utilizes standard web technologies to facilitate interactive data visualization in the browser. This session will cover the principles behind D3 and will use examples to introduce core ideas and concepts in the library. It will also highlight some of the differences between versions as the library has evolved to its current state and discuss how D3 fits into the landscape of data visualization tools and web frameworks.

At its core, D3 establishes a connection between the data behind a visualization and the graphical elements shown on screen. By providing methods to manipulate elements at a low-level, it allows every aspect of a visualization to be customized according to standard technologies. At the same time, selections allow users to modify large groups of elements at the same time but based on the data items they are connected with. Another important feature of D3 is support for interactive visualizations which can help show new data being added or existing data being filtered. D3 adds straightforward methods to help transition between different states. To make the most of this session, attendees should be familiar with JavaScript.