Data Visualization with R Shiny

Abstract: Shiny—an innovative package for R users to develop web applications—makes it easier for R users to share results from their analyses visually to those not familiar with R.
I will offer an overview of the the key ideas that will help you build simple yet robust Shiny applications and walk you through building data visualizations using the R Shiny web framework. You’ll learn how to use R to prepare data, run simple analyses, and display the results in Shiny web applications as you get hands-on experience creating effective and efficient data visualizations. Along the way, I will share best practices to make these applications suitable for production deployment.
Topics include:
- R basics for data preparation, analysis, and visualization
- The structure of a Shiny app
- Interactive elements and reactivity
- Customizing the user interface with HTML and CSS
- Best practices for Shiny app production deployment
- Shiny dashboards, R Markdown, and Shiny app sharing

Bio: Alyssa Columbus is a Data Scientist at Pacific Life and member of the Spring 2018 class of NASA Datanauts. Previously, she was a computational statistics and machine learning researcher at the Athena Breast Health Network and has built robust predictive models and applications for a diverse set of industries spanning retail to biologics. Alyssa is a strong proponent of reproducible methods, open source technologies, and diversity in tech. In her free time, she leads R-Ladies Irvine and Girl Scout STEM workshops.