Deep Learning for Mail Processing

Abstract: While virtual assistants have never sounded more human and as cars become driverless, companies still have to deal with a massive amount of mail. From unsolicited mail and bills to registered mail, mail processing solutions are a necessity. In an effort to bring AI to mail processing, we will present a prototype we've developed for a client in the insurance industry. Using Computer Vision and Deep Learning techniques, it automatically processes typed and hand-written letters to send them to the correct department within the organization.

Bio: He’s one of Dataiku’s top data scientists but Alexandre Hubert began his career in a very different domain. After four years as a trader in the city, he realised that, with the huge amount of data out there, it was possible – and fun! – to resolve problems using real life data. Since becoming a data scientist, Alexandre has worked on a range of use cases, from creating models that predict fraud to building specific recommendation systems. He especially loves using deep learning with text or sports data.