Developing machine learning solutions with Plugin Machine Intelligence for PDI

Abstract: Deploying machine learning and AI technologies to improve business outcomes is becoming a norm in leading organizations. They can be, though, difficult to implement in many organizations, due to their complexity, and specialized skills required. This is a story demonstrating that this is no longer the case. The presentation will showcase a complete implementation of a machine learning solution which predicts survivability of patients after going through major resections or replacements. The solution was developed with Hitachi Vantara‚Äôs Plugin Machine Intelligence (PMI), extending the Pentaho Data Integration platform. PMI is a visual tool and pools machine learning models from the most popular libraries used by the expert communities. PMI can be used to empower both technical and non-technical resources to provide insights into businesses.

Bio: Dave Huh is Data Scientist of Professional Services at Hitachi Vantara. He has been working with healthcare practices to provide insights with advanced analytics. Dave is passionate about making analytics technologies accessible to the broader public.