Finance Panel: How Data Science is Opening New Frontiers for the Insurance Industry.

Abstract: Insurance is one of the modern world’s oldest industries. Since the beginning, an insurers success has hinged on its ability to leverage statistics and actuarial science to analyze risk. But the last decade has created a perfect storm of technological evolution causing the industry to reinvent its core disciplines. On our panel, we’ll speak with some of the insurance industry’s leading data scientists to learn more about many topics including new lines of insurance driven by our tech-centric society (e.g. the rise of cyber insurance) and the impact vast amounts of available data sources has on modeling risk.

Bio: Satadru Sengupta, General Manager, Insurance at DataRobot, is a practicing data scientist for more than ten years. Before DataRobot, Satadru led the Global Distribution Analytics at AIG Science Team and previously worked with Liberty Mutual Insurance and Deloitte Consulting. In his current role as the GM Insurance, Satadru runs the Insurance Practice at DataRobot where he spends 50% time on strategy, thought leadership, and client advisory and remaining time on hands-on work in the front-line.