General Training Session: Network/Graph Analysis in Python

Abstract: Networks, also know as graphs, are one of the most crucial data structures in our increasingly intertwined world. Social friendship networks, the world-wide web, financial systems, infrastructure (power grid, streets), etc. are all network structures. Knowing how to analyze the underlying network topology of interconnected systems can provide an invaluable skill in anyone's toolbox. This training will provide a hands-on guide on how to approach a network analysis project from scratch and end-to-end: how to generate, manipulate, analyze and visualize graph structures that will help you gain insight about relationships between elements in your data.

Bio: Dr. Noemi Derzsy is a Data Science Fellow at Insight and a NASA Datanaut. Holding a PhD in Physics and over a decade of research experience in Network Science and Computer Science, her work and interests revolve around the study of complex systems and complex networks through real-world data.