Advice For New And Junior Data Scientists

Abstract: There are hundreds of blogs that tell you how to start down the path of becoming a data scientist: what to learn, how to learn and what to prioritize. This talk focuses on giving new and junior data scientists perspective and advice that is not readily available from a search engine, and will spawn awareness of things you might not have even known to ask. Hamel has interviewed and mentored hundreds of junior data scientists and will highlight items that commonly confuse, mislead and surprise those entering the field. Specific examples will be shared, as well as strategies to overcome them.

Bio: Hamel has experience building data analytics and predictive modeling solutions for a wide range of industries, including: hospitality, telecom, retail, restaurant and entertainment. He has built large data science teams (50+) from the ground up and has deep experience building solutions as an individual contributor. His primary area of expertise is machine learning. Hamel is presently a senior data scientist at Github and has previously worked at Airbnb and DataRobot.