Premium Training Session: Introduction to Data Visualization Using D3.js

Abstract: This beginner's data visualization workshop will introduce the fundamental concepts behind data visualization on the web using D3.js, a powerful, ubiquitous, client-side, JavaScript data visualization library. We'll go over the basics of web programming with JavaScript, go over foundational D3 concepts while providing meaningful code examples, and eventually build several cool, interactive visualizations on real data. Attendees should come with a laptop equipped with a modern browser. We'll be using Chrome and a GitHub repository that will be posted before the workshop. Please make sure to download the repository ahead of time. No other requirements necessary!

Bio: Nick Watts is a software developer at DataRobot, where he builds web interfaces and interactive data visualizations. Prior to DataRobot, he worked at Nutonian and Clemson University. He holds a masters degree in Computer Engineering from Clemson University.

Open Data Science Conference