Abstract: Significant near-term advances in machine learning integrated with advanced novel data sources enables predictive analytics of public equities via supply chain observation and anomaly detection. While full motion video, optical imaging and other traditional structured and unstructured data sources have dominated Earth observation, the advent of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) disrupts these methods due to three key advantages: 24-7 coverage, ability to penetrate surfaces (e.g. infrastructure and soil) and the ability to “see” through clouds, fog, smog, smoke and even extreme weather. This lecture provides insights on this neglected but critical convergence of SAR and ML technologies.

Bio: Dick Rocket is a co-founder and the Chief Visionary Officer for Orrery.ai, a funded FinTech/Machine Learning start-up recently featured by GeekWire. Rocket is a licensed New York attorney and graduated with honors from UC Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall). His interest in deep learning is only surpassed by his unrivaled love for the commercialization of space. He is a regular expert source for Fox News TV, The Financial Times, Forbes, the San Francisco Chronicle and Florida Today. He has been invited as a Keynote speaker at events all over the world such as Sydney, Berlin, Menlo Park, Mexico City, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Dubai and Brasilia.