Multi-Paradigm Data Science

Abstract: Multiparadigm Data Science is a new approach of using modern analytical techniques, automation and human-data interfaces to arrive at better answers with flexibility and scale. Many organizations are still doing traditional data science—confining themselves to problems that are answerable with traditional statistical methods—rather than utilizing the broad range of interfaces and techniques available today. This workshop will cover the basics of Multiparadigm Data Science, including automated machine learning, interactive notebooks and report generation, natural language queries of data for instant visualizations and implementing neural networks with ease and efficiency.

Bio: Erez Kaminski is a Wolfram Technology Specialist at Wolfram Research, creators of the Wolfram Langauge, Mathematica, and Wolfram|Alpha. His background is in applied mathematics and physics. He has worked with top-tier theoretical physics groups and with the business and finance community. Erez is a technical mentor at Techstars, and routinely lectures about the Wolfram Language and its most recent innovations. He specifically focuses on emerging high-tech field and the applications of Wolfram technologies in them. This includes Machine Learning and Data Science. Currently, Erez works as part of Wolfram’s Global Technical Services team and leads Wolfram's world-wide startup initiative