Network Analysis using Python

Abstract: Daenerys or Jon Snow? JFK, ORD or ATL, do these codes look familiar? In this tutorial we build up on the fundamentals of network science and look at various applications of network analysis to real world datasets like the US Airport Dataset, Game of Thrones character co-occurrence network, and foray into algorithms and application of network science.

In this tutorial we will go through an introduction to network science and 2 case studies, i.e. datasets of applied network analysis. Participants should be comfortable with python and the basic pydata stack [pandas, matplotlib]

By the end of the tutorial everyone should be comfortable with hacking on the NetworkX API, modelling data as networks and basic analysis on networks using python.

repo for notebooks:

Bio: Mridul is trying to understand the world around us using data and tools from network science, currently at UCLouvain. He is an open source enthusiast and has been selected for Google Summer of Code, and is involved with NumFOCUS. He has given multiple tutorials at PyCon, PyData, and EuroScipy to share his love of Python and network science.