Building a Predictive Model in Python

Abstract: With the exponential growth of data and computation power, machine learning has emerged as a fundamental skill for modern analytics professional. Thanks largely to the open source community, it has never been easier to draw insights from data with an abundance of available tools.

In this workshop, we will take you through a complete path of building a predictive model in Python. We will cover many key aspects of the model building process, including data cleaning, feature processing, model training, model validation, and prediction. In the end, we will talk about how to deploy models and use model predictions to make business decisions.

Bio: Cliff is a data scientist for DataRobot. He has 10 years of experience in data science helping customers across many industry verticals, including insurance, banking, healthcare, real estate, etc. Prior to DataRobot, Cliff worked for Cisco, Verisk Analytics, and Travelers Insurance with responsibilities ranging from data science, tech sales, and management.