Premium Training Session – Python Chatbots with Machine Learning Part II

Abstract: The open-source project, creating the pybotframework package, was motivated by wanting an easy way to create intelligent Python-based chatbots. We aimed it to provide gateways to custom trained machine learning models, neural networks, and custom logic. It leverages Microsoft’s Bot Framework REST API for easy deployment and connection to channels. It includes a great dev experience due to its compatibility with an open source channel emulator. It also uses the familiar web microframework, Flask, for the web app component that can be customized later on. Currently the project is Python 3 compatible, with Python 2.7 support pending demand.

Bio: Kendall is an organizer of the Silicon Valley Python Workshops group, organizing several workshops including Intro to Python, Python for Data Analysis, and TensorFlow and PyTorch workshops. He is a Senior Python Engineer at Ayasdi, an artificial intelligence company based in Menlo Park.

Open Data Science Conference