Scaling Humans with Artificial Intelligence

Abstract: Artificial intelligence has been a pretty pervasive buzzword in the healthcare arena for the past few years. As technologies have rapidly improved and advanced in their cognitive abilities, humans have willingly deduced themselves to manual routers of information. But wait–weren’t computers supposed to do that? Join Sean Lane, CEO and Co-founder of CrossChx, as he discusses changing the way we think about AI in order to help healthcare achieve more than ever before.

• How tools like AI can be used to scale human capacity rather than replace human necessity
• A break down of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Global Awareness, and Machine Intelligence
• How democratizing AI will help accelerate its benefits within healthcare

Bio: Sean is a lifelong technologist who grew up in Ohio and started his career in the U.S. intelligence community, holding leadership positions in the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency. Sean served five combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and was awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal and Bronze Star Medal for his service. After government service, Sean started his life as an entrepreneur, and has founded several technology companies dealing with big data, advanced analytics, entity resolution, and most recently, artificial intelligence. Sean has raised over $40M in venture capital, and is now a leading expert in applying Al to healthcare. Sean holds a bachelor’s degree from Miami University, an honorary doctorate of Public Service from the University of Rio Grande, and has received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.