Social Recommendation in a world of Infinite Content

Abstract: Imagine time as currency. Finite. Fiat. Hard to earn. Harder to yield. In a world of infinite content, why would anyone use your service or app? The answer is to provide unobtrusive, transparent return on investment. The initial milestone for A.I. was connecting people to relevant content. The new harder requirement is recommending the right content, at the right time, and in the right medium to the right person. Given that natural ceiling on digital screen time, A.I has to transcend into real life. How do you extend your digital service to have real life touchpoints? If you work in the social recommendations space e.g. news, social networking, how do you prepare for this new age? We will walk through how to leverage A.I to make the content glut tractable for a picky audience with finite time.

Bio: Saisi is a Product Manager in Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence org. Specifically, leveraging Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning at scale to personalize experiences for 2 Billion Facebook users. He has first-hand experience in driving business and consumer outcomes across the Facebook family that includes Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. At Facebook, he has also worked providing Internet access to underconnected and Facebook’s eCommerce vertical.