Startup Talk; Fritz

Abstract: Fritz makes it easy to run machine learning and AI on billions of edge devices. From smartphones to self-driving cars, building fast, personalized experiences means moving ML models out of the cloud and into the world where data lives. Developers use Fritz SDKs and cloud services to add ML-enabled features to their apps and manage custom models running on millions of devices. No need to build complicated infrastructure or become an AI expert.

Bio: Dan Abdinoor is CTO and Cofounder of Fritz, where he is creating edge-computing AI and ML technology. He has been a longtime pillar of the Boston tech community, leading successful teams at HubSpot, BabbaCo, Wyth, and Jana Mobile. In addition to his dedicated work, Dan has mentored and advised dozens of startups at the Boston-area arm of the TechStars accelerator program, serving since 2014.