The Big Reveal: How visualization can unearth the secrets of data

Abstract: What’s the relationship between human and computer-recorded numbers? When we talk about data, data is not just numbers, behind every single number is human behavior. In my talk, I am trying to answer the following questions: How can data visualization design help us see the unseen faces of culture? How can we use open data to explore the differences between design and art colleges around the world? And how can we use data visualization to unlock the secrets of winning art awards? I will cover all the process of collecting data to process data.

Bio: Ying He is a computational designer currently works for Pershing of BNY Mellon and was previously at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. She holds a master degree from ITP, Tisch School of the Arts. Her research interests include visual representation, creative design and cultural hacking such as artistic data visualization, mapping, and interactive experience. She is fascinated to synthesize graphic design and technology as a telescope into unseen reality.