From Healthcare to Life Insurance: Transitioning Domains in Data Science

Abstract: In order to do data science, one needs skills in math, statistics, and computer science. In this talk, I will take you through how while these skills create the technical foundation for a data scientist’s work, other highly important transferable skills include critical thinking and problem solving, data visualization and the ability to translate and present quantitative data into actionable business insights. From having worked in healthcare, finance and life insurance, I discuss how the idea is more about the fundamental technical problem, scientific investigative skills, creativity and the story than about the field.

Bio: Bisakha Peskin is a Lead Data Scientist at the MassMutual Life Insurance Company. She has a PhD in Systems and Computational Biomedicine from the New York University School of Medicine and a Masters in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins University. In her doctoral work, she focused on building methods for predictive modeling from multimodal, biomedical data. In the past, she worked as a software developer at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and also spent a summer at the Digital Intelligence team at JP Morgan Chase.