Using Data Science for Good

Abstract: AI for Earth has one simple but huge ambition – to fundamentally transform the way one monitors, models and manages Earth’s natural resources using AI. At the same time, deep learning innovations and breakthrough are happening both in academia and industry at a breathtaking pace. By leveraging these AI innovations, and breakthroughs, many AI for Earth grantees have been using AI to solve many of earth’s toughest challenges - ranging from precision agriculture, precision conservation to understanding and protecting biodiversity, and more.

Join David Smith in this talk as he shares with you many of the exciting projects that AI for Earth has been working on, and how AI is used to amplify human’s ingenuity. Through the lens of these exciting use cases, you will also learn about cutting-edge AI use cases, trends and opportunities, and how you can get started with AI today.

Bio: David Smith is a Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft, specializing in the topics of artificial intelligence and machine learning. With a background in statistics and data science, he is the editor of the Revolutions blog ( where he has written about applications of data science with a focus on the programming language "R" since 2009. He is also a co-author of the R manual “Introduction to R”, and a member of the board of directors for the R Consortium. He lives with his husband and two Jack Russell terriers in Chicago. Follow David on Twitter as @revodavid.