Abstract: A key challenge in driving widespread production use of AI is enabling Visibility and Insights into AI systems. There is a need to be able to explain how and why the systems are behaving, learning and evolving even as newer technologies continue to be developed and deployed in the creation of those AI systems. This session focuses on the techniques and challenges in the industry and how IBM is approaching them.

Bio: Paul Taylor is an IBM Fellow focused on Data, AI, and Cloud. He is a foremost expert in building high-scale systems supporting client workloads in transactional and analytical databases, content management systems, and platforms to support data science and AI. Paul’s innovations in data systems architecture and design have produced significant value for IBM clients and enabled product growth across database, content management and analytics. He is an IBM Master Inventor with 20 patents granted and many more pending. Paul is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology and involved in numerous cross IBM technology initiatives.